October 19, 2009

A Message TO YOU From Bishop Koffi...

Bishop Loretta P. Smith-Koffi
Bishop Loretta P. Smith-Koffi
To the Faithful and Loyal Readers of FreshKoffi,

I consider you partners in ministry. For without your loyalty and readership, FreshKoffi would not make sense. Thank you for your thirst for the Word and for encouraging this servant to inquire of the Lord and to deliver what God is saying at a time when many have no desire to hear. Thank you also for referring FreshKoffi to your family and friends and for using the daily words as a ministry tool of witness, encouragement, and conversation to glorify God. Be blessed as we go forth.

I want to encourage you to intentionally increase your love for the Word and for the Will of God. We must know what God is saying so that we can know what God has called us to do in this next season. We are committed to hearing from God, to communicating God’s Will, and to encouraging and supporting you in your everyday life and ministry to the end that the Kingdom of God is established in the earth realm.

Thank you for a brief interlude of rest last week. Our faithful God has been shifting and affecting fresh revelation for this next season of FreshKoffi. Be blessed and keep me in your prayers, as you are in mine.