October 30, 2009

I Believe. Final Answer.

Final Answer.
Final Answer.
In the midst of the Kingdom, there is an inevitable tension and a setting apart that occurs when the believer finally decides to truly believe what God is currently saying through His written Word, through His preached Word, or through His revealed Word (revelation). That tension and setting apart happens because once you really and truly believe, you are changed and you can no longer go back to the things that you used to do. This might present a problem for those who have become accustomed to relating to you in a specific waybecause your responses are expected to be what they have always been. However, once you really believe God, your desire is to do what HIS will is concerning a thing, rather than what you have always done. That desire will most surely thrust you out of and away from what is normative for you and into the 'new' that is already planned for you. And know this: even if new is not comfortable, it is wonderfulso do not resist the tendency, the movement, or the inclination to become new.

When I was growing up they used to say "Oh, you're breaking new on me." What that really meant was this: I was choosing to respond to things differently. I was choosing to act in a different way. I was choosing to demand a different response from others. And you must do just thatbreak new! For in that newness is the peace, is the power, is the presence that comes from God and the new thing that He is doing.

"I show you specified new things from this time forth, even hidden things [kept in reserve] which you have not known." Isaiah 48:6b (AMP)