November 9, 2009

Pure in Heart

God is looking for the restoration of the desire for purity. A pure heart has one focus. It is committed to the focus maintaining its place and also to the goal of the focus. Sadly, in the world in which we live today, we have arrived at the place where ambiguity is acceptable. However, ambiguity is an enemy of the standard of holiness, an enemy of the life-style and the character of God, an enemy to our own one-mindedness. This becomes a welcome mat to compromise, complacency, and the acceptance of things that are against (have nothing to do with) the will of God.

So decide for yourself who you will serve, how you will do it, and with whom you will unite your heart and mind with in order to get it done—and then focus on that alone, so that you don’t fall prey to an ambiguous spirit that says it’s okay to do it this way today and another way tomorrow. For in this season, there is a special release, revelation, and blessing for those who will not be deterred by the cares of this world, or what is fashionable, or what is the trend, or what is more of a personal preference rather than a Biblical principle or truth. That blessing is that we shall see the glory of God in great measure. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Now it isn’t the blessing or the miracle that we look to see. Rather, we look to see the very presence and essence of God, Himself. We’ve gotten used to considering the blessings and the miracles as God, Himself—but they are not. Blessing and the miracles are what God does. But God said He would show Himself directly. We shall SEE God. His principles unfolded, His Word manifested, His Glory come into the earth realm, because we decide to have a singleness of mind and heart.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8