December 4, 2009

I AM Your God

This is a message to the youth: I AM your God and I have equipped you to do My will in the earth realm, not necessarily to follow the pattern of those you have seen and knowneven those that seemed to have "worked well."  I AM no longer in the "working well", I AM in relationship. And so I call upon you; you who have much energy, strength, many ideas and various connections that are yet to be made, and those of you who have such a great future before you. I AM calling you. I want a relationship with you that is not built on what you?ve seen and known, but what I AM doing and the reality of My love for you. I desire that you would know Me. And many shall come to know me! And many shall see My Face and be able to recognize Me as that which they have not seen before and which is unlike anything they?ve ever known. Thereby you shall know Me as God. For I AM not common. I AM not like everything else and cannot be compared to everything else. Everything else pales in comparison against My Glory. Everything else is weak. Everything else is wimpy. For I AM GOD.

Get to know me. You have a long life ahead of you and not only will you need Me, but you will enjoy Me. You will enjoy My presence and life. You will enjoy worshipping Me. So I come to you as I have come to your fathers and your mothers in times past. I come to you and present Myself to you: Your God, your Strength, your Might, your Wisdom, your Favor, and your Joy. I AM your God and I want your whole heart.  [Thus Saith the Lord, Our God]

Answer the call.

"Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: "I am the LORD your God."" Leviticus 18:2