December 15, 2009

Think New, Be New

There is always something new to learn. There is always a new perspective to consider. There are always new contexts that are presented that bring new revelation—all of which are worthy of consideration all the time. Our minds are always able to comprehend new things even when the exercise of that comprehension is unpleasant or uncomfortable. There is always the opportunity to think in a new way and therefore to operate in a new way. The acceptance and the reception of those new ideas and thoughts is always dependant upon understanding purpose, destiny and assignment. So it is quite feasible that one who does not understand purpose, does not understand destiny, and does not understand his or her assignment would ignore the new perspective simply because it is not familiar.

It is the presentation of new perspectives, new ideas and new thoughts that begin to shape and re-shape our understanding of the magnificence, magnanimousness, significance and greatness of God. Just when we thought understood it all, God brings new revelation for our consideration in order that we might be more effectively used in the Kingdom. Think new, Be new.

The addition of these thoughts and ideas does not negate what you already know (what God has already revealed), but I am sure that it is God’s way of helping us to grow to be able to be more effective conduits so that His Glory gets into the earth realm and that His Kingdom comes on earth even as it is in Heaven.

“Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth ” Colossians 3:2