December 30, 2009

Fellowship, Friendship, and Relationship

One of the great gifts that God has given to us is the ability to interact with one another. That is, to foster friendships and to fellowship with one other so as to glean of His will and character in each other. Clear demonstrations of God's gifts and His intention for our lives are to be found in the people around us. He intends for us to love one another. He intends for us to gain wisdom and insight about Him from one another.

Many times when we want to know how God operates, we need to look at how He relates our lives to other people, especially when the connection is unlikely. The life of someone we see or touch can be a demonstration of Who God is. We need to look at the relationships we have and begin to perceive how God is demonstrating His will. We 'see God' as we honor His display of Himself in the people around us and through our relationships.

Most people do not desire more 'things' as much as they desire more of us, more of someone to love them and authentic relationship. Even if disappointment is the order of the day, when love is factored in, it doesn't seem so unbearable. Love and relationship make those things that are agonizing (sickness, death, etc.) bearable. With the love of someone else, you can endure.

Fellowship, friendship, and relationship are indeed God's gifts to us. Let's not abuse them.

"And let us consider and give attentive, continuous care to watching over one another, studying how we may stir up (stimulate and incite) to love and helpful deeds and noble activities..." Hebrews 10:24 (Amplified)