January 8, 2010

Stay In the Change

Some things never change. It almost seems that your praying for them to change is really a waste of your time—because they haven’t changed. Years later when you encounter some people, you realize that they have not changed. Maybe they’ve changed on the outside, but fundamentally and in terms of principles, they have not changed. So I hear the Lord distinctively saying, “If that which you have prayed would change has not changed, then YOU need to change concerning that thing so that it (things) can change for you.”

I had the wonderful occasion of spending time with someone that I had not been around in a long time. It was only a short time before I realized the things that had been irritating to me about that person were still the same. But I made a choice, by the Grace of God, to respond differently to that person’s behavior, actions and more specifically their words which were the source of great frustration in times past. I realized that although the person had not changed, I had changed. I had to make a conscious decision not to return to where I used to be even though the person was still there.

God’s Grace is available to us to maintain the shift and the change that He has afforded us even when we are confronted with old stimuli. Choose to remain changed. Choose to allow the change that God has given you—whether last week, last month or last year—to remain. Choose to stay in the change so that God’s will can be done and God’s ways can be seen. You will be able to conduct yourself in the Glory of God and at the end, God gets all the praise.

“Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold,” Proverbs 8:10 NIV