January 11, 2010

The Solution

Use everything you have (every resource and every ounce of your energy) to press toward God. What you need in this season is IN God’s ways, IN God’s principles, IN God’s ideas, IN what God is saying to you. You have no time to lose, no energy to misuse or abuse, and no resources to neglect. Use everything you have to press toward God. For in doing so, you will reach what heretofore was unreachable and unsolvable.

The solution is in God. Reach for it. Use every bit of your energy to stretch toward it. Don’t say that it’s too much or that you cannot do it. You have been given everything you need to operate in the fullest ability to reach the things of God. God would not set a goal before you and then not give you the ability to reach it. You must use your resources plus stretch and challenge yourself to use everything (all) that you have to gain what God has already provided for you. Therein lies the answers, the solutions and the ends of the issues—it is in using everything that you have.

In this season where there are such miracles and such favor, there is also great struggle. So everything you have is going to be needed to reach what God has, to maintain where you are, and to never go back.

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 3:14