January 14, 2010

The Resources and The Goal

Resources to go toward God
Resources to go toward God
What God has for us in this season is going to require our full attention and our employing all of our resources so that we can fully receive. We see what God has for us. We desire it. We understand it. We have access to it. Yet, unless we move forward intentionally and with all wheels on the ground we will not be able to fully embrace it.

Would anyone accept an offer to drive a car that was missing a steering wheel, a seat or a braking system and then expect the best possible outcome? Absolutely not. Likewise, there is no resource that deserves to be ignored, muffled or abandoned at this time. Locate, inventory, and utilize every resource necessary to fully do what God would have you do.

That which is required of us is of God’s doing. The blessing and favor on our lives so structured and ordered by God that it will require an indication of our agreement and our willingness to allow Him to lead us. The actual goal is for us to know and honor God for Who He really is!

It is God’s mercy that what He is giving us at this time requires everything we have. Changes must be made in order to get back to what God has said. If it means leaving a job, it is with the assurance that God will provide another way. All our energy and all our resources must be used to do what God has called us to to.

The use of your energy, even for something that appears to be right and good, will not yield the favor and the blessing of the Lord as it should if you are not in place. There are those that are waiting for you to be in place so that they can be blessed. You have been so instructed, so ordained, and so assigned by God. Use all of your resources to go toward God.

"His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness." 2 Peter 1:3a