April 19, 2010

Look At Yourself

This is not a season to be selfish or inward, but it is a season to be diligent about the business of building yourself up. This is not a season to be self-centered, but it is a season to be concerned about your self-growth and self-identity. In doing so, you present to others a stronger and more stable self (or ‘you’) that can be used by God to stabilize, to bring Good News, and to strengthen and encourage others.

We routinely occupy ourselves validating the anointing on the lives of others. Well, this is the time for us to see, to maintain, and to increase the anointing on our own lives through diligent self-examination and introspection. It is, many times, more difficult and a greater challenge to see areas of our own lives that need attention and correction. But trust me, once you identify (and accept) them as needing attention and as needing the power and anointing of God to call them in line, your yield will be the blessed assurance of knowing that our faithful God will do all that is necessary to bring them into perfect order. Just identify and acknowledge them. As soon as you say God, I need You to help me to have a greater measure of faith, He will bestow it upon you—just because you asked, and because you asked for His Glory. God sees this as an act of faith, and He will always respond accordingly.

Listen, we can always tell someone else what to do, but this is your time—this is your season. Come into agreement with what God wants for your life. Admit that you need it, and then let God do it.

“But let each one examine his own work, and then he will have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another.” Galatians 6:4