July 2, 2012

Precious Believers,

Please receive these following daily confessions from the Word of God.  For the next few months, I will be writing a daily declaration that will establish God's will by His word declared. 

Why is it important to make these daily confessions? The answer is simple: to rout the devil and to establish the Glory of God in our lives. So many believers are not reaping the benefit of being a born-again child of God because we do not put the Word to work.  Just last week we began to talk about "employable" words: words that go to work for us to accomplish God's will in our lives.  Take a moment each day to read and declare and watch things begin to change right in your face! This is not magic, some little game or scheme, but this is the Word of God, focused and poised to accomplish the thing we send it to. So read and recite, put it to work to tear down strongholds and build up the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. These are personal declarations.  If you want to see your life change, start today and look for signs of change

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